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Why I started travelling?

Why I started travelling?
Today I will talk about my experience with travel. How I started and why I continued.

I must admit that at the beginning of my experience as a traveller I didn’t appreciate the holidays abroad that my parents obliged me to do. For me it just meant getting away from my comfort, going to a foreign country where it was spoken a different language and having to take English lessons. Then once I got there I could appreciate the opportunity I was given. The problem was only first, being able to convince myself that I should leave. Thinking about it now I feel really stupid for having thought that it was a pointless effort to send me on vacation to study abroad. So reluctantly I have to admit that I started travelling initially forced and even without any particular enthusiasm. The beauty of travelling I learned a few years later.

In fact, I realized travelling more and more between summer camps abroad and school camps that being in a foreign country allowed me to be free in a way in which I couldn’t be at my house where, as normally happens being a young girl, I was controlled by my parents. There were teachers who followed us but, outside the basic rules, we were very free and left with the possibility of exploring the surroundings without having to be watched over. So I realized how nice it was to explore a whole new country without having to be guided at every step. Being free to explore on my own. Feeling free from the constraints that naturally exist when you are under the control of your parents. Living a more independent life if you can say so. Days made of trips, explorations and discoveries of new things or simply lived differently than usual.
These experiences have led me to see the world from a different point of view. The point of view of a girl who is surprised and amazes for every little thing like the children at the playground who are so excited they don’t know where to start. I, in a foreign country, am exactly the same way, in fact, at the beginning of the vacation, I always have to do a little scheme of the days I am in the country and what I want to see and then divide it equally. This is because otherwise, I would lose myself admiring every little thing and not leaving time for what I really want to see. Being abroad allows me to see things differently and appreciate them precisely because they represent different ways of living and conceiving life. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop desiring to travel but I think that it will never happen. There are too many things I want to see, countries that I want to explore and cultures that I want to know to even think about one day to stop. There will always be something I haven’t seen and deserves my attention. So I think I should say a big thank you to my parents for making me passionate about travelling and thank them to have always given me the opportunity to do so. This opportunity has allowed me to learn about realities even far from mine. Reality with which otherwise I would hardly have come into contact.
This was, therefore, my experience in travel. How it started and how it continues until now. I feel fortunate to have had so many opportunities to discover the world around me and appreciate it in all its beauty.

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