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Who inspired me?

As part of travel, I often hear about people who inspire others to go to specific places. With their experiences they encourage them to leave to discover those countries they fell in love with.

But what I hear about very little is a speech about who inspire us to travel in general, not in a specific place, who pushes us and encourages us to travel apart from ourselves. Who pushes us to leave for adventure, reassuring us in case of doubts and rejoicing with us while waiting for the trip. I don’t know if everyone has a person like that but I think it would help each of us.
Fortunately, I have a person like that next to me, my mother. Ever since adolescence she has always told me how important it is to travel and how much she cared for me to travel and explore the world, which she could do little during her youth. As soon as possible she took advantage of every opportunity to make me leave. From summer camps abroad, trips with my uncles, to a trip alone. What has always tried to teach me is that money spent on travels are never wasted because travel enriches you as a person. She always made me leave and she never showed me to be worried even if in some cases she was, as she admitted after I returned. She didn’t want her concern to make me doubt, she wanted me to be sure I was doing the right thing.She never stuck me in fear but she put it aside and showed me only the happy and joyful side of travel, the beautiful and fun side. In my moments of doubt, especially the first trips, she was there to encourage me to go on convincing me that everything would be fine and that I would have enjoyed it and I would have been fine. Over the years she wanted to grow in me the love for adventure and the discovery of new countries. I would say that she has succeeded brilliantly as I am now. Always eager to leave and with a bucket list of places to visit each time longer. For all this I have to thank her that has always supported me and pushed me to travel. That has always reassured me and allowed me to be able to do all these experiences abroad encouraging me to dream of other things to do.

As I said at the beginning I think everyone in their life should have a person like that. A person who pushes you to discover the world, has confidence in you and in your possibilities, that doesn’t block you for fear of what could happen but on the contrary give you the tools to go on your own.

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  1. Awww! That’s so sweet. Your mama is a gem for striking that adventurous spirit in you and not letting her fears and biased media interfere with your growth…because travel is growth and education. You learn and see and interact so much with a really diverse world. Much more than most of us have ever done in our lives.

  2. You are so blessed to have a mother who taught you early on about the importance of travel and exploring the world. Reading your post was a heart warming experience! We are sure that her learnings have benefits you a lot and they are an inspiration to us as well. We hope to continue to inspire people to travel too through our sharing. Love.. Backpacking Series

    1. Yes, her learnings will always be with me and made me the person I am today. I hope to give back with this blog a little bit of what she gave me and teached me.

  3. You’ve got a a great mom. She encouraged you to explore, accept, tolerate and not be afraid. Kuddos to mom!

  4. Aww..this is such an endearing post <3 Your mom is so inspiring and you are truly blessed to have her. It's very important to have support from your home, so that you are able enjoy your trips and learn more! I am sure she is very proud of you 🙂

  5. Wow, what a moving and heartfelt post! My mom was also the inspiration for my love for travel, so I can definitely identify with you there. Well written!

  6. A strong and supportive mom is a treasure that one will be grateful for all their life.Beautifully writtenlove to every special mom who inspires their kids this way!❤

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