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What’s in my backpack?

You prepare yourself for a trip and wonder what you should bring.

Today we will talk about what to put in the backpack when we travel. These are all things that, for one reason or another, I consider important to take with me and that could make travel easier. So here is the list:
Notebook and pen
A notebook with a pen can always come in handy. I personally use it as a collector of important information such as the name of the place where I stay, the street or the streets of reference, useful phone numbers and similar things. It can be very useful, you could even decide to use it as a travel diary.

Guide and map
A map, a guide and let’s discover everything that our new city can reserve for us. I personally always carry them with me, I use the guide as an aid to organize an itinerary and the map to not get lost, even if it happens every time.
There are always a million new things to see. Some will surprise you, others will excite you, how can you miss the opportunity to take lots of photos?
You can never know when you’ll feel unwell, so it’s better to be ready. I personally always carry a generic painkiller in case of problems. It’s not always easy to find a pharmacy.
Bottle of water
Imagine you are happy and you feel thirsty at a certain point and you don’t see bars in sight. Is it not much easier to bring a bottle of water with you?
The speech is the same as for water. It doesn’t weigh particularly so why not take it with you?
As much as you can check the weather in advance, this can always leave us with surprises and then suddenly find ourselves in the rain. For this reason, I always carry a raincoat so as not to ruin my day just because of a bit of bad weather.
Copies of the documents
I don’t wish it to you but you never know what happens when you travel so it’s always useful to have copies of all important documents.
Do you have to wait a while and don’t know how to pass the time? A good idea is to bring a little book with you that you can read during the dead times.
And why not listen to some good music while walking through the streets of the city? If you choose the right playlist, it will be like finding yourself in a film with background music.
Power bank
Do you want to find yourself in an unknown city with a mobile phone that is unloaded and unable to call in case of emergency? To avoid this problem it is always useful to bring a power bank with you.
USB flash drive
With a copy of all important documents and reservations for flights, accommodation and everything else. So you can be sure.
With your documents and the local currency well protected in the bottom of the backpack.
Cell phone
I never leave it because it can always come in handy for any eventuality.
And you from what is it that you never separate during your travels?

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