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What to do when you arrive in a new city?

What to do when you arrive in a new city?
To begin the vacation.

Finally you made it, if you have organized the trip a lot of time before or at the last minute surely from when you made up your mind to when you effectively go on vacation the time seems very long. But at the end you closed your house’s door after checking to have taken all the important things and there you are ready for the adventure. You spent the trip thinking about a lot of ideas like things to do, to see and to discover. Probably they are so many that the days won’t be enough to do everything, but at the end this is the beautiful part of dreaming, that everything seems possible when you dream.

Then you finally arrive and with a lot of enthusiasm you go at your accommodation to leave the suitcase. Until here everything’s good, you leave the suitcase and you’re excited but here it grows the doubt. What do we do now? You have so many things crossing your mind that you don’t know from where to begin. Is it better to begin seeing the most famous and important things or doing a random walk around to discover the city? To buy or not to buy the touristic public transport pass? These are some questions that will, probably, cross your mind. Today I am here to explain to you what I would do.

First of all there is to consider at what time do you arrive and how many days you stay. The arrival time is important because can help us to understand if it is worthy or not to begin visit museums and similar. This is so because if you arrive in the early morning you have all the day ahead of you to visit museums and so you can begin to see the various attractions. Instead if you arrive in the afternoon I suggest you to not do it because you have less time and can happen that you don’t manage to see all you want to see because the museum or whatever you’re visiting close. At this point it’s important also how many days you stay there because if you have few days then I suggest you to begin to see what you want immediately to not lose precious time even if you will not see everything.

Talking about the public transport pass it depends a lot on the city you’ll visit, if all the attractions you want to visit are in the same area and which kind of person you are. The city is important because the smaller it is the easier it is to visit by feet, this take us to the second point. Even if the city is big if the attractions you want to visit are in the same area or close one to the others then you won’t have problem because you won’t have to walk too much. Instead, if the city is medium or big and the attrancions are all over the place it depends on you, if you’re able to walk for a great amount of time without getting tired too easily.

Now I talk a little bit about me. Generally I plan trip of 4/5 days that for me is the perfect minimum. In my last two trips I arrived one time in the afternoon and the other in the evening. Even if I arrived in the afternoon, so with some hours available to visit museums and attractions, I choosed to walk around the city letting me guide by my feet. In fact I wanted to enter in the atmosphere of the new place and feeling it a little bit mine to feel less like a stranger and more at home. This decision made me see very nice places that otherwise I wouldn’t have seen. So we could say that I like to keep the first hours from my arrival to settle down and getting used at the new city and discover a little bit of it. Talking about the public transportation in my last two trips I almost never used them. In Madrid I had only take them to go from the airport to the b&b and viceversa and a similar thing happened in Copenaghen but there I used them even the last day to getting around the city because I didn’t use the bike. In fact while in the first trip I visited everything by feet in the second one I rent a bike, I talked about it in a previous post.

So this is what I do when I arrive in a new city and what I suggest you to do. What are the first things you do in a new city?

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