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Useless languages versus useful languages: the eternal battle

“Why do you study A and not B?”, “isn’t more useful B respect of A?”

If you substitute A with a language spoken in few countries, or only one, while B with a language widely known spoken almost everywhere here you have the most famous phrases that you have heard, probably, at least one time. To me, it didn’t happen so often because my main study languages are English and Spanish but even I have had my occasions to hear them.
There is, in fact, a common way of thinking that the languages should be studied but only those that can be useful are really worthy to be learned or worthy the time and efforts that we put in learning them. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like them, if they can be useful it’s right to follow that path respect of the fun or the personal joy. This happens even in the study of languages.

The thing that the people seems to not easily understand is that studying languages that we don’t like or we aren’t interested in it’s not so easy because to learn a new language we need to dedicate it a lot of time and effort if we want to reach some goals. Surely if you study a language for a lot of years even if you don’t like it you’ll end learning something but it’s different from the pleasure to learn something for pure passion and not for a personal profit.
I always considered studying languages as something that should be done principally for pleasure and in a second moment if it can be useful it’s better, there is a reason more to do it, but, my personal opinion, the utility shouldn’t be the only reason. Everybody knows that if you want to succeed in something you have to be passionate about it because only the passion help you to work a little bit harder when you’re really tired and you want to give up, it’s the passion that helps you to go forward when you face some challenges that seem impossible to overcome.
If the passion is also useful it’s better but we don’t have to oblige ourself to give up our passion for something else only because it could be useful. It’s the same for the languages, only because we love learning some specific languages it doesn’t mean that we love to learn in the same way other different languages. So suggest us to change the languages we love to learn with others you think are more useful because you think they are worth the same for us and if we are passionate about languages we are passionate about all of them you are wrong. Languages aren’t interchangeable, if we are learning some languages and not others we have our reasons. Moreover, they could be useful for personal projects we have but that you don’t know so what I advise you to do is a single thing, ask and research. Ask us why we have chosen that language among all the others, you could receive very interesting answers and discover new things about that language you thought it was so useless.
Now I leave with a question: which languages are you studying and why do you have chosen them? I’m curious to know better the story behind your passion.

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