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Travel essentials

Traveling. Only the word instills in those who are passionate about it a great happiness.

As soon as we can we organize ourselves to leave for new adventures, we prepare everything from suitcases to the backpack making a mental list of what we need to bring hoping not to forget anything. We review our closet looking for the right items, we check that the bookings have actually been successful. And finally we decide the time when we have to leave home. But sometimes there is a strange feeling that surrounds us, the feeling that we hadn’t take something important. To solve the problem, I created a small list of what I must necessarily have with me.

First of all, based on the country the identity card and the passport. The reason wouldn’t even need to be explained, without these documents you can’t leave so they’re the first things to take. I recommend putting them in an easily accessible place so that you don’t have to disassemble the whole backpack when you need them.
Not less important are the various paper reservations of the flight and the place where you’ll be staying, even if you have the electronic ones I recommend you to print them and have several paper copies. I personally always keep two of them in the backpack so I can easily reach them, the extra one is in case I lose the first one, and one in the suitcase for safety. It may happen that you don’t have internet or your mobile phone turn off and you can’t access the data when you need it the most.
To solve the second problem, another essential thing to take with you on every trip is the battery charger to always take it with you so as not to risk that at a crucial moment your mobile phone turn off. Don’t forget to bring an adapter if the electrical outlet of the place is different from that of your country.
Let us not forget then of one of the most important things of all, the phone numbers. In my opinion it is essential to always have at hand the number of the place where you will be staying and that of the embassy of your country together with the police. This is because there could be serious problems and having them ready could facilitate the situation.
Then there are some medicines to bring. To be precise, I talk about generic medicines for pain and cold/cough/fever. This is because it can always happen to get sick while on vacation and even if you can buy medicines where you are I think it is better to bring your own. In fact it could happen suddenly and have them immediately at hand can the illness pass quickly without having to go out looking for a pharmacy.
And last but not least for me there is the guide of the place. I always carry it around because it gives me ideas on things to see, on places to eat. It also gives me hints of history of the place where I am traveling. It helps me in organizing the activities to be done on the various days of vacation and makes me discover things that I probably would never have discovered by myself. For me therefore it falls in the list of essential things to take on holiday.
That said, I hope you enjoyed my post. Do you have a list of essential things to take when traveling?

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