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Things that make me happy

To be happy.

Whenever I think of this sentence, I dwell on how easy and difficult it is at the same time to be happy. We are different and happiness is like us. Different from person to person. There are those who feel happy having little and those who have a lot continue to say they are unhappy. I have come to the point where I believe happiness is a relative concept. There isn’t a precise point where one can say that one is happy, it is about small positive moments that go beyond the negative ones. It all depends on how you look at things. If we focus solely on what we don’t have or don’t be we will remain eternally unhappy, if instead we look at what we already have and if we are grateful then the point of view changes. So today’s post I want to dedicate precisely to this, the things I’m grateful for and that make me happy.

  • Having a family that supports me
    One of the first things I feel grateful for is having a family that always supports me. Whenever I want to do something like a trip they’re there ready to advise me and encourage me to do it. They’re curious about what I do and are interested in my activities. They’re always ready to give me a hand or help me to see a situation more clearly.
  • Some friends standing next to me
    Another important point of reference for me are my wonderful friends. They’re always there ready to make me laugh. Every time we are all together, it is always incredible how good they make me feel and how they make me forget about the world around me. They are my lifeline. When I have a problem, I know I can count on them and their support. They spur me to improve myself day after day and see life under different points of view as they are.
  • Having the chance to travel
    One thing that I consider important in my life and that I never take for granted is my chance to travel. My being able to travel the world. I know that not everyone can do it and not always just for a question of money. In fact, being careful you can travel cheaply. There are a myriad of reasons why one can’t travel and I consider myself lucky to do so. To be able to see the beauties of the world.
  • Having an open mind to new experiences
    Another thing that makes me happy and grateful was the education given to me that allowed me to have the open mind that I have now. A mind ready to assimilate all new experiences and live them fully. Able to see beauty in diversity and also to learn from them. Able to appreciate the things in front of me and not to take them for granted just because I’m used to having them.
  • Having the chance to study what I like
    And last but not least, I’m happy to be able to study something I like. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to choose something that I liked and not have been forced to follow paths created by someone else. I’m grateful to have been able to choose at a time when in many parts of the world women still can’t do it and are forced to do what others impose on them.

What makes you happy?

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