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The scariest experiences traveling

We always talk about the beautiful aspects of travelling.

When telling the various trips, we focus on the wonderful things we have seen, on the things we have learned. In practice, it’s told what made the experience beautiful and sometimes this could make us think that there are only positive sides. This is not completely true, in fact, if it’s the truth that many beautiful experiences are lived, it’s also true that there are negative things that are not always shared. Today I really want to talk about the negative notes that happened to me or fortunately didn’t happen.
The first thing I would mention is also the most important. I spoke earlier in the blog of my trip to Madrid telling all the good things but voluntarily omitting this negative note. What happened to me is that the last day during a tour of the area I was stopped by one of these guys who want you to sign petitions and similar things. I told him I wasn’t interested and he realizing that I was a foreigner asked me where I was from. I naively replied and at that point he asked me if I wanted to go and have a beer with him. At my refusal he continued to insist, at which point I resumed walking but he continued to follow me and insist on trying to convince me. Since, despite my refusal, he continued to follow me, I decided to take refuge in a Starbucks. I thought he had let it go but I found him again at the exit, still insistent. Fortunately I was determined and I refused categorically and this time he didn’t follow me. After the incident I made several paranoias about what I should do better or what I should have avoided doing but in the end, I came to the conclusion that the fault was his and not mine, it was he who had to understand that a no is a no, regardless of who is to say it.

And now, after the most unpleasant note, let’s move on to the lighter ones, which fortunately didn’t happen, thus avoiding ruining my vacation. The first concerns the loss of the suitcase. I don’t know why but mine is always one of the last suitcases to pass so making me come every time the blow of having lost the suitcase and having to do the whole process to get it back. In the end fortunately always comes and I can enjoy the holiday without problems.
Another thing that happened to me during the last trip was the risk of losing the connection and therefore not being able to take the plane back home. Everything happened because the two flights were quite close together. I had calculated to be able to quietly take the second without problems since in any case they weren’t attacked. This until I arrived at the airport and I find out that the first plane was half an hour late and this shortened the time of my stopover. So, in practice, I was all the first part anxious for fear of losing the connection. Once I landed I ran through the airport to take the second plane to find out once arrived with the breath out that the second was late so, fortunately, I didn’t lose the connection but rather I was on time.
And you? Have you too experienced negative experiences during your travels?

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