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The goals of the next three months

Here I am with a new post! This week we talk about goals.

With the new year I thought a lot about the goals I wanted to set but then with the exams and everything I put aside the idea. Now that the session is over I decided to take up the subject and set goals for the next 3 months, initially divided into large categories and then into more specific sub-categories. Once I understood and decided I thought it would be a good idea to share a part of them with you. So here it’s the list of my goals.

  • Language
    1. English
    I begin with the English language because it’s the one in which I have the highest level. I have already achieved a good level of listening and comprehension skills while I have a not so good level  in the spoken part. In these months I’ll try to focus my English mainly in the spoken skill and written composition that is already at a good level but not at the level I want it to be. In the meantime I’ll try to maintain my level in listening and comprehension skills. I will monitor my progress with the CEFR scale which is the international standard for describing language skills. So, summing up, as a quarterly goal I set  the ability to hold a fluent conversation completely in English and keep a diary in English. In order to achieve them I also set daily goals that are being able to devote at least 1 hour to study, keep updated the diary by writing every day of different topics gradually more difficult and being able to insert conversations here and there to improve all the skills.
    2. Spanish
    For the next three months my goal for Spanish is being able to reach the level C1 of Spanish. In this language as for the English I’m not so good in the spoken part. The written composition is also at a lower level so I will have to study a lot to improve these two parts. So I’ll try to keep a daily diary completely in Spanish to talk about my progress, what happens to me and everything else. I have also set daily goals for Spanish, to do the various pages of the exercise book that I organize weekly to improve the grammar and keep updated the diary I mentioned earlier to improve writing. As for the spoken skill I’ll have to find a person with whom I can practice the language to improve it. Listening and understanding skills instead will be maintained at a good level thanks to movies and books in Spanish.
    3. French
    French is the language with which I start from scratch because until now I have never studied it. My goal for the next few months is therefore lower than the one for the other two languages. What I hope to achieve is to learn the basics of grammar and build a vocabulary good enough to understand simple conversations and be able to talk about topics known to me. I set myself daily goals which consist of studying the grammar book and the workbook for the written and comprehension skills and listening to simple videos to improve the auditory one. Also I would like to be able at the end of these months to write small texts and read small articles completely in French without using the dictionary too much.
    4. Other foreign language
    I didn’t specify which language is because according to the country where I will go on vacation I would like to learn the local language if it isn’t one of those that I am already learning so for the moment I still don’t know which language is. Once I’m sure I’d like to learn some basic words and phrases together with a minimum of grammar to not feel completely out of place and to better understand the environment around me. After all, as I said in my post on the reasons to study languages, it’s very important to me to have even a minimal knowledge of the language spoken in the country you visit.
  • Travel
    I would like to leave towards the end of spring. I still don’t know exactly where I want to go and if I’ll be able to do it so the goal of the next few months on this front is to decide where to go and be able to organize all to actually leave. This implies looking for where to stay, deciding how much time based on the cost and then actually organizing the trip, then airplane, the accommodation and everything else. There are so many cities and countries that I would like to visit so I still have to think about it even though at the moment I’m more inclined towards a particular destination of which I will talk to you once things are a bit more concrete. So the only thing I’m 100% sure about is that I want to travel, everything else is blurred and I have to see if I can focus it.
  • Blog
    Last but not least the blog. I have goals that concern it. The main one for the next few months is to update more often. I would like to be able to write a post every week or at least every two weeks to maintain a certain regularity, but at the same time don’t worse the quality of them with posts made in a hurry. So I’ll need to organize the posts I want to write very carefully, find the time to write them between one study session and another and all my other commitments. Probably I won’t always succeed, we all have things that take our time, but if I can do it most of the weeks is a great result. For what concerns the socials linked to my blog my main goals are to grow a larger group of people interested in my contents, publish as a result more contents that you like and grow on all fronts, both on social media and here on the blog.

Here are my goals related to this blog and my passions. I hope to be able to reach them all even if it will be difficult. This shouldn’t discourage me but rather charge me to work hard even more to succeed, what do you think about it? Have you set goals for the next months or even for the whole year? In case you have done it if you want share them in the comments, I would be happy to read them.

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  1. This is amazing! Best of luck to you. I think it is wonderful to be well traveled and learning all of these different languages. If I had an opportunity to do such, I would as well!

    1. Thanks! I think the same thing, traveling and learning languages it’s a marvelous thing. I hope that you’ll have an opportunity to do it too!

  2. This is very fascinating and intriguing. I love the fact that you are prioritizing learning new languages. I set monthly goals because it’s easier for me . Thanks for sharing!

    1. I set them for the same reason, they help me to reach the things that I want. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. This is such a great article. I can totally relate and some of your goals are mine to. Like english. Oh god, I can write and totally understand everything but it’s hard when it comes to talking. It;s even more annoying when a lots of people look weird at me when i talk because of my accent…

    1. Thanks, I can understand your struggle with the talking part, I think it’s the hardest. Good luck to us for this!

  4. I love your post and can totally relate them to mine! I’m quite fluent in english but I wanna learn Korean since last year, right now I just know how to write, my main problems are memorizing vocabularies as well as the accent. Good luck with learning different languages! 🙂

    1. Korean seems to me a difficult language so congratulations on knowing how to write it and good luck to you on the other aspects! I’m sure you’ll improve well.

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