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when is the best time of the year to travel?

For the ninth day of the Travel Challenge I want to talk with you about a topic that is very close to my heart: when is the best time to travel.

Nowadays, wherever you go, you can find someone who advises you to go to a specific place at a certain time in order to really enjoy the country. There is something for everyone, from those who suggest hot places in summer and cold ones in winter to those who do exactly the opposite. In all this talk can happen to find yourself a bit ‘upset, especially if you aren’t used to travel. You can ask yourself several questions including, when is the really best time to travel? Is there a perfect moment? Well I’m here today to dispel your doubts. The answer to your questions is that no, there isn’t a time better than another to travel. Each of us is different so it’s impossible that there is a perfect moment for everyone. Every country has something to offer in every season of the year, it isn’t limited to show off the best of itself in only one. It won’t always be the same charm but different as the various months of the year. However, everyone of them is special in his own way. Each period of the year will highlight a different aspect that in the others will appear more feeble.

Then the question to ask should be: when is the best time to see this particular aspect of the city? This is because we are all different, we have different passions and consequently even when we travel we look for different things from each other. There are those who love the snow, there are those who would be perpetually on the beach under the scorching sun, those who are interested only in museums and little cares about the climate, those who prefer a mild one.
All this talk to say that the perfect moment doesn’t exist, there is the right one different from person to person, in fact, a good season for someone can be bad for someone else and that’s okay. There is no reason to instill in people’s minds the thought that there is one perfect moment for everyone. This could raise doubts for their choises in anyone who is thinking of traveling and in case of insecurity make him decide not to leave or leave at the wrong time according to his passions and interests experiencing a journey not to its full potential. So what I tell you is to choose you your perfect moment and take what others say as mere advice and not as the absolute truth because what applies to one person may not be valid for another.
Do you have your favorite moment? What are you looking for on a trip?

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