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Reasons to travel

Traveling. At our days thanks to the socials we can see everywhere photos of people that use their vacation and their free time to leave for a journey near or far from their home. Seeing these photos you surely had the desire to do it too but then thinking about all the efforts and organization, the little time and many other things at the end you gave up and didn’t leave. Especially if you had few free days, in some case a single weekend, you thought that the efforts to do it weren’t worth it because you could have stayed there for only a little time. You believed that you couldn’t be able to enjoy it at the most. I know this situation because sometimes I believed in these thoughts too, but then I understood a thing: independently from how many days you spend there or how much far you go from home it’s always worth it. This is the reason why today I decided to share with you the first part of my top 10 reasons why you should travel.

  • You discover new places and countries different from yours

Traveling you can see marvelous places that otherwise you will never be able to know. This is because despite the fact that at our days with the socials you can see photos and videos of other people that have been there it will never be like going in person. Traveling let you notice the various places from different angles, you can immerse yourself in the environment with all your 5 senses instead of only the sight and the hearing.You have the opportunity to admire them from your point of view and pause on what you like instead of rely on someone else who will show you his personal point of view. Another important thing about it is that someone can appreciate a particular country while someone else can dislike it.This is due to all the correlations with one’s emotions, feelings and experiences. So the trips will never be the same and you shouldn’t stopped yourself because someone you know tells you how he didn’t like a particular place, the fact is that you could lose the opportunity to discover a place that could have been magnificent to you. Moreover I don’t believe in a completely bad travel, I think that even in the worst journey there are flashes of light and beauty. In addition, the negative parts can be turned positive if you think on them as ways of improvement. In practice my thought is that no trip is a waste of time or money because you can find lessons in it.

  • You discover new cultures

Traveling you can learn about new cultures if you are willing to see deeply below the surface. You can come into contact with different lifestyles. It happens particularly if you go to distant countries, not just geographically speaking, even if differences can be found even within the same countries if you only look for them and pay attention to them. Here, in fact, lies the fulcrum of this point, the desire to discover how it is a specific culture.  Traveling isn’t enough to know a culture, one could travel without paying too much attention and going back home exactly with the same knowledge with which leaved. Sometimes it’s not something you do on purpose, you just don’t realize what you’re missing. Especially in the first trips, it is so exalted that we risk to not see below the surface. So my advice is: get the most out of every trip and try to go deep, to see beyond what you have in front of you, don’t stop at the first appearances and you’ll see that your journey will be so much better.

  • You always learn new things

traveling is a constant lesson. In fact traveling you always learn something new. Sometimes they are different points of view of things that we already know, but other times they are things unknown to us that don’t exist in our culture or that don’t exist in their culture so we reevaluate them. This is to say that leads you to learn something new every day. When it seems that there is nothing new to study in reality there is and you don’t notice it easily because it could be more hidden or less distant from your vision than other things you have seen previously. There’s no limit to what you can learn leaving your home. Whatever you do or see in your daily life could be done differently from local people and so be a source of learning. For this reason attention to the surroundings, looking around you will surely find something new or similar that will lead you to know differences and equalities with the place where you come from. In practice, even when you don’t find new things you can learn something.

  • You know people and establish friendships

Traveling leads you to meet new people that you would never have known otherwise. They may be other travelers like you or inhabitants of the local country, in any case someone new you surely know traveling. Sharing your journey with other people enriches it and lets you to see things from different points of view at the same time. Some friendships will be established or you will simply spent a good time in company before leaving again, this doesn’t change the point. The confrontation with someone else is always good and especially because we’re social animals it’s good for us to be in company, even if it’s just a moment and you are traveling alone. A few words, a laugh, a part of the travel together, all this lets you to live the journey in a different way.

  • You live, even if temporarily, a different life from the usual one

Traveling generally has something to do with holidays that correspond to a temporarily routine change. We could say that traveling can be considered as one of the most drastic ways to change routines, in fact you completely change the environment in which you are located and you also leave your points of reference to quickly build other ones in the place of arrival. If we talk about journeys in stages, where we stay in one place one or two days before leaving again for new adventures, then we are talking about a complete change, not being able to take new points of reference. This drastic change leads you to disconnect almost completely from your normal life and live, even if for a short time, a lighter one in line with your passions, it doesn’t matter if you visit museums and monuments, go hiking or relax on the beach in the sun , the important thing is the feeling of detachment. The feeling that makes us feel good, that makes us see everything in perspective, forcing us to get away from our usual life.

These are the first 5 points of my list. I hope they have helped you to reevaluate the importance of traveling and have given you that extra charge to leave, as soon as you can, and live new adventures. Do you have reasons to travel too? In case I would be glad to read them, if you want you can share your ideas down below in the comments. I will do a post with the remaining points on the list soon.

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  1. Love your post and couldn’t agree more. Traveling is an amazing way to open up minds and hearts around the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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