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Reasons to travel – 2° part

Today we are talking again about the reasons to travel. In fact, I will share with you the second part of my list. For those of you who haven’t read the first part you can find it here. As you know I love traveling and I think it is something that everyone should do for several reasons, so here I am to tell you mine. Enjoy the reading!

    • You open your mind to other realities and learn to appreciate diversity

      Travel. Traveling you discover new realities that you didn’t know, you come into contact with other ways of living. You can see how the same situation is dealt with in different ways from culture to culture and how some ways can be even more effective than those already known. You can see the differences and similarities between different cultures and countries. This leads to learning to appreciate the differences that can be encountered if only you look at them with an open mind ready to learn the most that the host country has to offer. This is because every reality has something to tell and to teach to those who are ready to learn. Even if it were only the fact that after all we are all similar even if outwardly it would seem otherwise. We all have problems, defects, as well as merits, the only things that distinguish us are the different ways to deal with them. If we start with this way of thinking we will find ourselves learning to appreciate and value the differences that we are facing and not to see them as a way to despise and ridicule them just because they are distant from our point of view.

    • Know yourself better
      Traveling allows you to get to know yourself better. In fact, traveling brings out parts of a person that in everyday life could be hidden. Things that one could even not be conscious about. It brings out new features that were believed not to be part of your person. It probably happens because you leave your own safe area and then you are led to expose yourself and bring out the true self. You can no longer hide behind your everyday routine and behind the impressions and expectations of people who know you. You are more authentic and more sincere with yourself, accepting the possibility of being who you really are deep inside. Especially if you travel on your own, you no longer feel the need to meet certain expectations so you are more real and get rid of all the pressures you are subjected to every day, whether you are aware of them or not. The journey is practically a discovery of yourself and of the true authentic self.
    • Overcome your fears
      Especially if you are traveling alone, traveling can also lead you to overcome your fears. In fact, you find yourself completely alone outside your own safe zone and you have to face every new situation without any help from the people you know. All those things that frighten you will have to be faced by yourself not being able to refer to people you trust. To be able to enjoy the journey you’ll have to go ahead and face all the things that in your safe area would stop you or for which you would ask help. The first fear I can think of is that of the plane. Traveling leads you to have to face and overcome it since to reach foreign countries more easily you need to take a plane. So you can see that even before arriving at your destination you find yourself having to face in some cases your fears, so you have to encourage yourself to go forward and not let these things stop you.
    • You recharge yourself with vitality
      Traveling recharges you, I think everyone can agree on this point. Anyone who travels certainly has felt that feeling of strength and charge at least once as he was walking around unknown places and discovering new things. That charge that we carry with us also on the return for a period that depends on the person. Exactly of this I’m talking about, the dose of adrenaline that gives us the travel. It leads us to want more and more, it leads us to want to do more and more, to discover more, that drives us to never want to stop. All the weariness of everyday life goes into the background and the only thing that exists is the adrenaline. We recover and feel better, more loaded, more vital, more motivated. These feelings are then those that drive us to travel from time to time, wanting to try again on our skin. Feeling again that desire to do to slide in the veins. The feeling of living really, of doing something we really like and being able to do it.
    • It makes you feel good and makes you happy
      On this point I don’t think there is a lot to say, the title already explains everything well. Traveling for us that love to travel makes us feel good and makes us happy. That situation of well-being and happiness in having in our hands the ticket for the next trip, the journey to get to the destination full of expectations and desires. The arrival that is never as expected but often better because certain things can’t be imagined but only lived. The first hours in the new place taken by admiring every corner and thing on which our eyes rest. The endless walks through unknown streets, smells and new or similar noises that are reminiscent of home. The visits to famous museums and monuments as well as the most unknown but equally magnificent ones. The happiness in exploring the city without itineraries to follow, timetables to follow, all this for me has the taste of freedom and happiness. A happiness that I found in traveling several years ago and that led me to want to do more and more each year to try it again on my skin in all its charm.

I hope you enjoyed this second part of my list. I tried to express at the best what traveling means to me and various points are very important for me so I hope my message has arrived. Do you also experience the same feelings when you travel? Let me know in the comments, I would be happy to read them.

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    1. That is exactly the main point of my post, that traveling is always worth it because it can give lots of things.

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