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My youthful errors

As a young person, one is inclined to take for granted or not to give the right value to so many things that, thinking about it later, are important and we could have exploited a lot more. I also made the same mistake when I was younger and I still think about how I could better manage the various opportunities that had been given to me.
As I told you, I travelled a lot during my high school years thanks to summer schools abroad. This is because my mother wanted me to improve my English and become a little more independent. For this reason, in addition to the various activities, I also found myself having to take English lessons. Everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for one small detail. I travelled with an Italian group. From this detail, you’ll be able to understand that I spoke really little English because it was easier to relate to my compatriots.

This led me to practice the language almost exclusively in class while outside it was difficult to interact with the groups from other countries. So I can say that I didn’t make the most of my stays abroad as I should have. I had every chance to speak English and improve myself and I didn’t use it properly.
Coming back to Italy but continuing to talk about English lessons, I have to tell you that I didn’t even use the lessons that were held during the school year. In fact, I always was relatively good in English, so I applied what I needed to get good grades. I didn’t do any research or investigate things, and I didn’t even try to practice the language. In practice, I was studying the lesson of the day and stop, nothing more and nothing less.
Moving on to another similar topic, I find myself thinking more and more often since I started university why I decided to study Spanish so late. Being theoretically a native speaker but having forgotten it once I came to live here in Italy, I never posed the problem of starting to learn it again. Thinking about it now, instead, I say to myself that I was a fool for not having done it before because if I had started as a child I might still have had some reminiscence that I have no longer today. In fact, I started studying it as if it were a completely unknown language.
Then there are certainly another flood of things that I have not been able to make the most of over the years but these I mentioned are those related to the foreign languages I am studying. And you? Is there anything you did when you were young but feel that you didn’t make the most of it?

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