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My favourite youtuber

Here I am with a new post.

Today I want to talk about 5 people who have helped me and inspired me to learn foreign languages. Each of them has a peculiarity that makes him special in his own way and allows him to be appreciated by those who follow him. Now we go to the main point, my 4 favourite YouTube channels.

  • Aurella
    What can I say about this girl? When you enter her channel you find yourself facing a young girl who speaks with freshness about what she does. He talks a lot about her journey in learning French mainly as a self-taught person. The thing that differentiates her from many others is that she doesn’t show only the things in which she’s good but even the things in which she’s not, correcting herself and sometimes showing behind the scenes of her videos. This leads the viewer to feel closer to her and her path. Not everything, however, is focused on the French language. Sometimes she even finds herself talking about France or simply shares recipes she likes. Not to mention the vlogs through which she shows us flashes of her life. So back to the opening question, what can we say about Aurella? Surely that in the online world of today a girl who has the courage to show that she is not perfect but normal like all of us others is needed.
  • Francais authentique
    I continue speaking about the French language so I can’t fail to mention him. His channel is a concentration of videos ranging from the actual teaching of each aspect of the language to the learning techniques passing through what he calls personal development. With this last category he intends to talk about: establishing morning habits; how not to get stuck when speaking the language; how to have more self-confidence; etc. All things that seem to go beyond learning a new language but that accumulating with one another can be of great help because they deal with all the work that has to be done on oneself to be able to improve. Having said that, I highly recommend it because, as we have seen, it’s concerned with teaching, without leaving out any aspect. The only flaw, which in reality could also be seen as a fortune, is that he speaks completely in French so to understand him well you need to have either a minimum of knowledge of the language or a lot of patience and desire to learn.
  • French truly TV
    And now let’s go to her, Virginie. Anyone who has seen her videos can’t fail to be struck by the clarity with which this woman explains the material. Whether she is talking about conjugating verbs or teaching us new words, it is always easy to follow and understand, thanks also to the many examples that accompany each of her lessons. However, she doesn’t limit herself to teaching French, she also takes us around with her to meet French people and their work so as to make us better know the French culture and the people who live there. She does all this always with a smile and ready to explain even the basic things that sometimes could be lost. She covers every kind of topic, even those that others might miss as the slang of the real French. In practice, she teaches us the real French, not only the academic one based solely on rules but the one that is truly spoken among the common people. It’s also easily followed by those who don’t even have the basics of French since she speaks mainly in English and even when she speaks in French she explains what she said.
  • Damon and Jo
    And the last but not least, the legendary duo, Damon and Jo. Have you ever wondered how it is to travel the world and get to know different cultures every time? How do you adapt to new lifestyles sometimes very far from your own? They are here to show you. In their videos they mainly show their lives around the world, they give advice on what to do in certain cities, what absolutely should not be missed and yes they even speak foreign languages. After all, by travelling, it’s normal that born love for the learning of other languages. We see them having fun while they are doing videos in foreign languages, learning new words or just doing what everyone should do, playing with foreign languages. This is because it’s true that learning new languages ​​can be difficult and require a great deal of effort but no one prevents us from even finding fun ways to do it. I believe this is a great message that they send us; try to get fun from the things you do, even those that may seem more serious.

Here we are at the end of today’s post. I was very pleased to share with you the people who inspire me the most about languages in the world of youtube. Remember, learning a new language opens up a world of new things so I suggest to everyone to do it.

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