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My favorite photos

Today as you may have guessed from the title we talk about photos. In fact, any travel blog is also composed of photos.

There are those who immortalize every moment and those who don’t but in any case, there are always some photos of the trip. I think I’m right in the middle, sometimes I do a lot while others almost forget the camera or the phone. However today I want to show you my favourite photos from the various trips I’ve made. Ready, set, gooo!

Walking along this avenue made me feel at peace with the world as if I had no problem and was only required to relax. Then the sun that warmed the skin seemed to reach inside to touch the soul!

The entrance to paradise, the park!

second entry for my favourite place.

Green, nothing but green! How can one not love a view like this? Simple, you can’t.

The crystal palace reflected in the lake and irradiated by the sun, what more could you want?

San Pietroburgo

The views from the top are always something spectacular.

A dream architecture!

It makes you want to take a ride.

What about if not beautiful arches?


The wonderful church found by chance while I was lost.

I do not know what to say for this picture, just that I really like it.

I find the effect of the statue with clouds behind it incredible.

And with this last image of Copenhagen, we finished the tour of photos, at least for now. In reality, I have so many others that I love, but I couldn’t put them all. Maybe next time.

What kind of travellers are you? With the machine always in hand or almost forget it?

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