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My beautiful Copenaghen

Copenaghen in summer?

Today I will talk about a city that has literally conquered my heart with its colours, its architecture, its inhabitants and simply its way of being so splendid. Yes, I’m talking about her, Copenaghen. It was the first time I went there and I was shocked. I never thought of visiting it before my friend moved there, but it has been the perfect thing to do.
In reality, this trip was not even planned, for years I told myself that I had to go there to greet my friend but I was never able to organize myself. Instead, it happened that the trip that I had planned for this summer was cancelled and then here is the opportunity. I found myself immediately looking for airline tickets to leave. I took the tickets and packed my suitcase and I was ready to find out what this new city had in store for me.

I left on a Thursday afternoon in August and arrived, after making a stopover and changed plane, to Copenhagen. Waiting for me there was my friend who would host me for the entire stay. I couldn’t really enjoy the city at that time because apart from that it was evening so I didn’t see much but also it rained a lot. We arrived home completely soaked, this to say that it was already a lot that I saw where I was going. In fact, when I arrived, the sultry days that had characterized the Danish summer were over. For me, it was a bit lucky because I could enjoy a little cold compared to my city. However, all this to say that the first day I didn’t see much. On the other hand, I was thrilled at the idea of what would await me the day after, the first real day in my new city.
Wake up early as usual I couldn’t wait to start exploring. After breakfast the first stop was to rent a bike for the whole time of my stay. So once I took it I was ready to go with my new partner in adventure. Climb in the saddle I immediately left for the city center. My plan of action consisted of finding the information office I had seen that morning as I headed to the bike shop. This plan, however, immediately went to collide with my great ability to lose myself. In fact I had to do several tours around the Tivoli park before finding it. Locked the bike out I entered and I needed a few moments to understand what I was looking for. Fortunately, a saleswoman came to me, advising me to take a map of the city that was exactly what I needed. With renewed enthusiasm and map in hand I went to look for what I wanted. The statue of the little mermaid. Once I understood where it was I left with the bike for the adventure. After losing myself several times, seeing incredible buildings and going through a small park, I finally arrived at my destination. The statue of the mermaid was right there in front of me on her rock. Along with me there were a lot of tourists ready to take pictures and videos. Once captured the moment with the camera and retrieved the bike, I left to go back to the city center. On the way back I came across a cute church that I didn’t fail to photograph. I also found myself unwittingly, since I was lost, at the royal palace full of people waiting for the changing of the guard. Seeing the people I didn’t stop to wait but I could admire the architecture before leaving. After a while from my departure, I had to stop because I was so lost that I couldn’t even find myself on the map. At this point, I had to stop a local boy to help me figure out where I was. Thanks to his help I was able to find myself and understand the route to do. Back in the city centre, I went to visit what I like most about the cities, the national museum. See all those works and imagine who created them, what they might have thought, what their life might have been, made me dream every time. I had lunch at the museum and after a last round of the works, I got back on my bike to meet my friend with whom we then went home. The evening ended with dinner at a vegetarian restaurant where we went to eat all three together, my friend, his partner and me. There was no way to finish the day better than among friends chatting in front of some delicious dishes.
The second day it looked as beautiful as the first. After a nice breakfast, we left all three riding bikes to the park. It must be said that Copenhagen has great and beautiful parks, I was ecstatic. I didn’t expect to find such beautiful parks in the city centre. After leaving the bikes outside the park we then spent the whole morning strolling through these mammoth nature parks around us. We had lunch with a quick sandwich and then we left on the bike. This time we stopped in the real centre of the city that I hadn’t yet seen well but only in passing while crossing it pedalling. We stopped to have a snack in a wonderful place where they make delicious cheesecake, I don’t like cheese or milk so trust me it was a really wonderful cheesecake. Gluttonous as I am I took a chocolate and caramel, a goodness. So after meeting with their friends, we went to the Bastard café, where we played board games, I’ll talk better about this particular café in another post. So we went to see at the ICC Theater (Improv Comedy Copenaghen) a show of comedy improvisation that made me have a lot of fun and that I really enjoyed, I love the theatre and I do acting as you know. So the day is over with the memory of the beautiful show of improvisation.
The third day wasn’t full and loaded like the others, although at first it seemed to be different. After the usual breakfast, we left for the city to do a Buddhist meditation lesson. I must say that I never took part in Buddhist meditation before but I was able to appreciate it a lot. I didn’t think I could get so caught up in the meditative spirit. Back home we ate a pizza and we managed to take a tour of the park near the house. Come back again then we didn’t leave anymore because of the bad weather. So the day ended happily seeing a movie at home.
The fourth day was much more lively. After the usual breakfast we took the bus and we headed to the centre for the last lap before my departure. So mid-morning we stopped at a bar for brunch and I ate a delicious omelette potato and mozzarella, trust me it was really good. We continued the walk and I took the opportunity to buy souvenirs to take home. we went back to the Bastard café to play board games to let the time pass before I left. Once the games were finished and I lost every time, I’m not good at table games, we started walking again and we went to take a ferry so I could see the city from a different point of view. The ferry trip was really nice, I had the opportunity to see the beauty of the city even more. We, therefore, arrived at the subway which would then take us to the airport. Hereafter a quick greeting I passed the inspection and went looking for my plane.
I must say that this holiday was not in the least as I expected. I never thought I could fall in love with a city like that. Its tranquillity, the calm it transmits, the culture, nature. All things that I appreciate in a city and that I have found all in one, Copenaghen. And you? Have you ever been there?

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  1. One of the great European cities that we haven’t been to yet! We would LOVE to go to Copenhagen. The Buddhist meditation lesson sounds like a really interesting experience – will have to try that when we visit!

  2. The ferry trip sounds brilliant. I love sea travel, and had the pleasure to arrive at Copenhagen by boat. The port area is very beautiful, and there is another mermaid statue there; this one is much bigger and more assertive than the Little Mermaid. I need to go back. We didn’t see nearly enough of the city.

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