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How to travel on a shoestring

For those who love travelling, it’s always the right time to do it.

But, yes there is a but, there is always a doubt that stands between the will and the doing and it is the money. The first thing we tell ourselves is that it costs too much and first we need to put a lot of money aside to allow ourself to leave. Well, what I can tell you is that this thought isn’t entirely true. This is because there are many ways to travel cheaply. Today we will talk about how to organize economic travel.
First point: flight
Aeroplanes change prices from period to period, sometimes even from hour to hour. So the first thing to think about is travelling in a period of the low season and then rely on one of those sites that compare the prices of various agencies. The site I recommend you is Shut up and go. I used it for my last trip and I found it very good. It allowed me to find the flight at a lower price than other sites. Regarding the flight reservation, you can save money if you add stopovers along the way.

Second point: accommodation
Here it’s very important to consider what you want because if you want to have everything included and stay in a hotel with various stars the only solution to save is to get away from the city centre or stay away from major attractions. If you aren’t interested in staying at the hotel, there are various options that you can consider. First of all the b & b and the hostels, then if you want to have the comforts of a home you can be a host in other people’s home thanks to various sites. What I suggest is Couchsurfing.
Third point: transportation
As for the way to move around the city there are various options. You can take public transport, rent a car or a bike. Each of these options has pros and cons. Several cities have special season tickets for public transport which are valid for a number of days that seem to be made especially for tourists. In some countries, the means can be very expensive so look for these offers. If you are in a Nordic country where there is a very developed cycling culture, like Denmark, you can even consider renting a bike. This will allow you to see the city from a different perspective. The means instead allow you to easily see the most famous tourist attractions. The car, however, as long as you don’t have particular needs, I wouldn’t consider it, since between the three options it’s probably the most expensive one.
Fourth point: food
This is another important aspect. What I would recommend is to avoid overly touristy places. Instead, look for less known local places where you can find prices that are more accessible. If you have the opportunity to cook, I would also recommend you to take a trip to the supermarket and see what the locals eat. You could discover very interesting things and new foods.
I hope with this post to help you organize your future travels and encourage you to take and leave. Do you know other techniques?

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  1. Some great advice here. We did Couchsurfing a few times on our travels and it saved us lots of money. Another way we saved money on accommodation was by camping. On the South Island of New Zealand we camped for 14 nights in a row. We still had to pay a fee for the campsites, but it was much cheaper than hostels.

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