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How to survive during a long flight?

Today begins the April challenge launched by the facebook group Travel Bloggers Club Challenge. This challenge consists of writing a post a day throughout the month of April. I know it will be difficult but this is the fun. I open this challenge with a post on long flights, or better to say how to spend time on flights that take many hours. Personally my longest flight was of 11 hours so today I will tell you everything that helped me to overcome it.

  • Sleeping
    This is the thing that saved me the most, in fact, if you succeed you can pass at least a few hours. It works especially if you are traveling at night and at that point you can spend most of your time sleeping. Personally I have never been able to sleep many hours in a row on the plane but I would break up with waking moments in which I did something else or I just stayed in my thoughts.
  • Reading
    Another great salvation was the books, take two or three books with you, and you’re sure to spend a lot of time without even realizing it. You get lost in reading and you are transported to another distant world. For as long as you take your eyes off the book you’ll find that time has passed. I suggest you to bring along a book you wish to read for a long time but that you never read because you lack the time. Well what better time to read it that now with all those hours in front of you. Now you have the time, take the book and enjoy reading. I personally always carry with me two books in case I finish the first one or decide to change reading.
  • Sudoku
    A passion of mine, since I discovered them the first time I haven’t left them anymore. I buy a sudoku magazine, a pencil and I’m ready. Figure out where to put the numbers, cross them with each other and all the rest engage the mind enough not to weigh too much time passing. Especially if you do the advanced ones and manage to concentrate, it’ll take a lot of time to be able to finish them so my advice is to do them too. At the beginning it will probably be a little complicated to learn but basically you have a lot of time to do it and it will certainly take a lot of time.
  • Listening music
    Whether it’s your favorite band or a casual playlist which is the best time to enjoy some music. With nothing else to do than closing your eyes and get carried away by the notes and words in other distant places. There is something for everyone, for those who want to relax before the adventure begins, for those who want to load energy, and also for those who want to start to know the host country with a little local music. What are you waiting for to prepare your travel playlist?
  • Writing
    Another great idea may be to devote some of the time you have available to writing. Especially if you want to keep a travel diary, writing about the feelings you feel while you arrive at your destination might be a good idea to start it. If the travel diary isn’t among your thoughts you could write something else, make a list of what you want to do, or if you are a blogger like me you can throw down some ideas for future posts. In reality the options are endless, so if you like to write, why you shouldn’t do it on the plane?
  • Talk
    Yes to talk. Since you’ll have to spend several hours sitting next to other people you could talk with them. A word, some laughs and stories. After all, they’ll be looking for some way to pass the time too so why not do it sharing things and knowing each other. You may discover interesting things, especially if they are foreign people you may come across new customs. Who knows that a good friendship arises during a long flight?

And here we are at the end of the post.
These are all tactics that I personally used during my flights, short and long. And you? How do you spend your time when traveling?

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  1. I do all these things on a flight- when I was younger I used a handheld video game type thing? Ha and now if I travel with a friend or my husband I play cards!

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