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How to stay motivated in the study of languages

Imagine this scene, you are in front of a book of grammar and puffing in front of a particularly difficult chapter.

Isn’t it so difficult to create the image in the mind right? After all, anyone who studies languages will sooner or later find themselves in such a situation. These are moments that are overcome after a first initial discouragement. The problem occurs when we become discouraged so much to give up.
Today we will talk about this, how to stay motivated in the study of languages.
The first thing that I consider essential to do is to set goals that are measurable and concrete. They can be the most diverse, talk to a foreign friend, travel abroad and speak the local language or even watch films in the original language. The important thing is that you have them in mind. If you write them it’s even better because you make them more concrete.

Once the goals have been set, I advise breaking them into many smaller actions. This is because too big goals can get discouraged before we even start while having a plan of action we can easily see how to reach them.
Another important point is the study. I have always believed in the importance of grammar books so I will not tell you that they are boring and useless. What I tell you instead is not to rely only on them in the study. This is because a language is measured not only on grammar but also on other things such as speech and oral comprehension, things that can not be learned in books. So my advice is that when you feel you can’t do it anymore on the books, you realize you don’t understand anything, instead of giving you for defeats give yourself a break where you can listen to your favourite music in the language or watch your favourite movie. In practice, move on to doing other activities rather than giving up everything.
Another piece of advice that I can give you is to study with someone. This helps to support each other and encourages us to keep moving forward. If you don’t know anyone, thanks to the internet and various app, you can easily find someone like you who is learning that language or who is native and can help you improve. I personally use Tandem. I find myself very well and I believe that incorporates all the things you need.
Do you have any other tips to stay motivated in studying languages?

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