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How to prepare the best suitcase


If only the thought of having to pack your suitcase makes you creep your skin and makes you shiver today I come to help you by talking about how I organize my suitcase in anticipation of a trip.

  • The weather
    First of all, regardless of where you are going, I advise you to check the weather. In this way, you’ll have a little idea of what will be waiting for you once you arrive at your destination and you can decide your clothes accordingly. This is very important to avoid carrying unnecessary things in your suitcase that you won’t use.
  • Calculate the days and the changes
    Another important point. Calculate the days you’ll be on vacation and decide how much stuff you bring accordingly. I usually start from home already with the outfits organized day by day so I know exactly what I’ll need and what not. Also, this way I won’t find myself arrived with the doubt about what to put on. I usually leave with a pair of jeans and take a second one in my suitcase if the journey is less than a week. Also, I bring two shirts a day, one for the day and one for the evening in case I change. Lately, I also take with me a trouser dress that takes up less space than a shirt plus trousers.
  • Shoes
    Shoes can be placed in plastic bags to separate them from clothing and prevent the clothes from getting dirty. I usually leave with the heaviest pair of shoes, while the lighter ones keep them in my suitcase so as not to weigh it down too much and stay in the pre-established weight.
  • Accessories
    I don’t use a lot of accessories but when I bring them I always fit them in the empty corners of the suitcase between one dress and the other.
  • Envelopes
    I advise you to bring at least one envelope so that you can put in the dirty clothes and not be forced to leave them in contact with the other clean ones.
  • Liquids
    I always carry my toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel as they don’t occupy particular space and I don’t have any prohibitions. I don’t particularly like the products that I find in the hotel.

And how do you pack? What do you bring with you?

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  1. I love the organising by outfit idea. I generally travel super minimally so I don’t have a lot of choice as is, but i do love to minimise doubt!
    I also don’t like the toothpaste i get in hotels – it just doesnt feel right!!

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