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How to organize your time

Time, this mysterious being. When you have nothing to do it never goes away. When you have so many things, it passes too quickly and before you know it’s too late. Over the years I often found myself lost behind all the tasks and things to do that overlapped each other and that I couldn’t handle. I woke up in the morning and already thought about the things I had to do, I arrived in the evening and there was always something I had forgotten or that I hadn’t had time to do.
This until the arrival of my passion for languages, at that point the time was reduced even more because I couldn’t find a method to organize all the commitments. I tried to use the post-it then I went to the agendas until I get to it. I thought I was a lost cause and that I was simply a disorganized person but in the end, I found the right thing for me, the weekly Moleskine with the schedule.

With this new accessory, I managed to be a bit more organized because having the time I could organize the day in detail. But I felt that something was still missing. I was missing a specific part for languages, so I decided to create one on my own by taking a cue from Moleskine. At the weekly table with the classical timetable, I added a second weekly table divided into 4 parts each one concerning one of the skills that should be developed in languages, writing, reading, speaking and comprehension. In this way, I have a table for general tasks and another specific for languages where I can record daily activities and my progress.
These two tables together are my life saver. They help me keep a minimum of balance in my life. I organize my time in the following way. In the morning I get up around 7 o’clock and after having breakfast and having taken the dog out I start to work around 8. I start immediately with the study for exams interspersed with a bit of language. So at midday, I stop for lunch and after doing some work at home I resume at 15/16 and based on my energy level or study languages or study for other exams. I finish the session when my mother comes home at 19/19: 30. Before putting everything away, I organize the following day in the two tables. So I close the agenda and my study day ends like this.
In this way, it seems that I have reached a perfect balance but it is not so. There are days when I’m less charged and I can’t do everything I had set myself, but this is also part of the game. After all, nobody is perfect and we all have days no. The only thing you can do is accept the condition and do better when you feel more charged.
Today I decided to share my two tables with you. From today if you subscribe to my blog you’ll receive them free in your email ready to be printed and used or used directly online, as you prefer.
And how do you organize your days? Do you use agendas?

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