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How to appreciate a solo trip and doubts

When we think about leaving for a holiday and we imagine it, we always think about who to take with us.

In fact, as long as you aren’t used to traveling alone, even though may make you doubt and worry. What to do? How to organize? Will I be too lonely? Will it be too dangerous? These are just some of the questions that probably come to mind when you think about it. Well, I assure you that traveling alone is feasible, indeed, it is an experience that I think everyone should try in their lives at least once.
What to do? The answer is very simple. Whatever you want when you want it. Traveling alone, in fact, allows you to do whatever you want without having to compromise with anyone. This is because generally even when you have similar passions there is always some point on which you don’t agree and one of the people must give in favor of the other. Traveling alone this doesn’t happen, there is no one to prevent you from doing what you want and you have full freedom on the activities to be done. Does it not seem like a wonderful thing? I am excited to just think of all that freedom.

How to organize? In the same way, if you were in a group. First, you choose the period, then the way to reach the destination, the accommodation and it is done. Then you are free to do what you want. However, if the organization worries you in any case because you aren’t used to organizing a trip or simply don’t want to do everything by yourself you can easily rely on a travel agency that will help you organize everything step by step.
Will I be too lonely? It may seem at first reflection that traveling alone means being isolated from the rest of the world and not talking to anyone. The thought alone makes the skin crawl because being social animals we seek contact with our fellows. Precisely for this reason you most likely will not feel alone during the trip. It may seem a contradiction but now I’ll explain. Being alone will lead you to communicate more easily with the people around you and to establish links with the most disparate ones. Then, like you, there will surely be other solitary travelers with whom you can share travel pieces together.
Will it be too dangerous? In reality, it’s not dangerous to travel alone. Just keep the usual precautions that are also kept at home. Nothing more and nothing less. At home your outgoings quietly by yourself, so why not do so abroad. Basically, it’s just a different country nothing to be too worried about. With this I don’t say that you don’t have to be careful, you always have to do it, I say that fear shouldn’t stop you from traveling alone.
Not to mention the bonus points of traveling alone. I’ve already talked about it in other posts but it seems right to repeat them. Traveling alone, you discover new sides of your character, your strengths, and your weaknesses, you overcome your fears and you grow up. It matures you mentally, enriches you and let you experience incredible experiences.
And you? Have you ever traveled alone?

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  1. Very interesting article. It’s true that one of the main things people worry about when it comes to solo travel is loneliness. But a lot of the solo travellers I’ve met actually find it a lot easier to meet people when on the road. Sure, there must be lonely moments, but you also get to meet so many different and interesting people.

  2. Everytime when I decide to visit a place myself. I always wonder whether how would i be doing a lot of things because i dont want to do it alone but at the same time going in groups, you still might not be able to what you want. At the end of the day, solo travelling allow you to meet more new people on the way.

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