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How to adapt to new cultures

Those who love to travel will find themselves in the situation of having to deal with a new culture.

Some people can easily adapt to it while others are lost and a bit confused. There are many ways to adapt to a new culture, some easier and others less. Today I want to share with you those that I personally use.
First of all, you must have an open mind. By this, I mean that you must be ready for what you’ll find before you. You don’t have to expect to find the same things you have at home. There will be new things, new foods, new ways of doing things. Be ready to face them with your head held high. It will enrich you culturally.

Another important point is not to have prejudices. In fact, if prejudices are maintained, there will be a false vision of what is the country you are going to visit. This is because we will focus only on the negative aspects without seeing the beautiful things that await us. Furthermore, there is the risk of incurring in the comparison of the country of origin with that of arrival.
Another thing that I think is important is to learn at least the basics of the target language. It will allow you to enter even more into the culture and people will be much more inclined towards you if you prove to be interested in integrating with it. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to understand the culture from within.
Then I suggest you get in touch with the local people. This will give you an idea of how different populations live from an internal point of view. It will help you learn things that you probably would never have discovered or you would not have understood thoroughly.
Do not be afraid to throw yourself. You will have to face different experiences that you probably never imagined, especially if the culture is very far from yours. Take it as an opportunity to experiment with new things and do not let yourself be blocked by fear. If you like travelling, do not limit your experience to that of tourists, but try to do local things without fear.
I know that they are tips that are felt and resentful, but it is so because they are the ones that work and it seemed right to share them with you.
Do you adapt easily to new cultures or is it difficult to let you go?

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