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How the things have changed

January, month of budgets and introspective reflections.

With the beginning of the new year we think about what went wrong in the past, what can be done to improve what you have in front of you to live a year full of satisfactions. All this is the first month, a month of dreams to be realized and bitterness for those left in the previous one.
For me it was a very special year, on the one hand, it made me happy but on the other, it left me with a little bitter taste. I managed to achieve some of the goals I set myself while others escaped me by a whisker. In practice, it has been a year of ups and downs. I had to leave aside some of the goals I set for myself so that I could concentrate on others who were more important at the time. It is indeed about putting things in a list of priorities from which to start to work.

Going specifically I can say that I had some satisfaction with the university, in fact, I managed to overcome the C1 of English, the B2 of Spanish and the B1 of French. On the other hand, however, I can’t say that I am fully satisfied because I wanted to be able to reach the C1 in Spanish, it will be for this new year. Speaking instead of languages in general, I reluctantly had to put aside the two extra-university languages that I was beginning to study because they would have taken time away from the university. The books are there waiting for me and I hope to be able to take them back in hand as soon as possible.
Regarding travel, however, this year I made a single journey but for me of fundamental importance. I went to see my best friend in Copenhagen. I had never been there nor in general, had I ever been to Denmark but it won me over. Parks, houses, canals. Furthermore, the fact that everyone goes cycling has conquered me for its ecological aspect. I never thought I could find such a reality, particularly in a European capital. It made me dream and want to be able to stay a little longer to discover its most hidden sides. This is to say that although in terms of days I have travelled little for me the importance of this trip is comparable to that of others much longer.
And here is a bit the summary of my year in a few lines. Between highs and lows, it goes on hoping that the new one will bring us other wonderful adventures and lots of happiness.

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