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Funny stories

Who doesn’t have funny stories to tell?

Traveling can happen everything and you return home always full of anecdotes to tell. Funny stories to share. I myself have lived different adventures. Today I will talk to you about this, about some anecdotes from my travels.
A problem that I find every time I travel is money. Whether it is for the language that I never understand the amount that they tell me or because they have a different currency that I can’t figure out how to count I always find myself with money in hand without knowing how much I have to give. This always makes me laugh because it creates strange and embarrassing moments. I’m there with the money, and I refrain from laughing openly at my carelessness. Fortunately, I always manage to get out of it one way or another.

Another thing that always makes me laugh is my ability to lose myself. No matter how often I get instructions to go somewhere, I will always end up losing myself around the city. So I’ll let you imagine me in a foreign city, map in hand, that I try to understand where I am and how to go to where I have to go. At least once a trip I find myself having to ask information to some puzzled passer-by. The funniest scene was in Madrid while I was looking for the Museo Nacional del Prado. On the map, it appeared that I had reached it but I kept looking around and couldn’t find it. I stopped two policemen passing by and asked them where it was and those indicated behind me. So I turned around and it was right there, with the view covered by a large bush I hadn’t noticed. Imagine what they thought make me laugh, I was right there and I hadn’t even noticed.
The last anecdote is about my trip to Copenhagen. As for the money talk, I don’t always understand what I’m told, in this case, I ordered a chocolate in a bar and I started waiting for it to be ready. At one point the bartender prepares one and says a strange name, I believed it was mine so I was going to take it when it came a girl who told me it was her order. You can’t imagine how much I laughed thinking of the mistake. It was at the same time embarrassing and fun.
These are my funny / embarrassing anecdotes and you? Do you have any funny stories to tell?

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