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Fear and how to overcome it

We always talk about the beautiful and fun side of traveling. About how we have fun and feel good, how it charges ourselves and make us go back to our usual life with an extra gear. Well today I want to talk to you about what you can find behind this veneer of everlasting joy. Fear.


Yes, you understood well, fear. You may wonder definitely what I refer about as from the outside it all looks positive, but people like me who tend to be anxious will probably have already figured out. I’m talking about that fear that blocks you and makes you doubt what you’re doing, of that fear that makes you fear of being wrong. This fear changes from person to person, some people are more concerned about one thing, some another, we are all different. In my specific case there were several times when I was afraid.

The first I remember is about my first two-week summer camp abroad. The idea of staying away from my parents along with many kids I didn’t know worried me even if I tried not to show it. My closed character also didn’t help in any way but worse the situation in fact I remember that first holiday that I was all the time attached to my little cousin who had left with me.
Going forward I remember my trip to Colombia and the expectations I had created during the period before departure. I had imagined a lot of things about the return to my native country and at a certain point I began to worry that they might be disillusioned, that everything I had dreamed of over the years on this trip could not happen. Fortunately then it was not so and the emotions that the trip gave me will always be with me. Indeed it exceeded even my expectations.
Continuing with the story of my fears we have the trip to Madrid. In this site I have often talked about this journey and all the beauty that I experienced but never about the connected fears. The first was the realization that I would be alone, it was something that I wanted but when I realized it, it was a blow. While I reassured others that I would be fine, I tried to reassure myself too. I worried about having to do everything on my own, that there would be no one to help me in case of problems. To this it was added the concern for the language, in fact despite having studied Spanish for a while ‘I didn’t believe in my ability to communicate with native speakers and I was afraid to find myself unable to make myself understood. In the end, once there I managed to communicate and survive a week alone.
I told you these episodes because they all have one element in common, the will. Despite my fears, my volition to travel and leave was stronger and helped me put them aside. So the next time you are afraid, look inside you and look for that will. It will help you to silence your fears. And have you ever been afraid of a trip?

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