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Favorites cities

In my various travels I came across different cities that have remained in my heart and therefore I count among my favorites. Each of them left me something that I will carry with me forever wherever I go. I hope to be able to revisit all of them and try again those past emotions and feelings that made me appreciate them so much.

I’ll start from the most recent, Madrid. What about this city. I have already talked about it in a post about my last trip there. But today I want to talk to you not about what I’ve seen but about what I’ve experienced. The first time I was in high school. I never imagined that at the end of the trip I would miss it. That first trip so short but at the same time so fascinating left me with the desire to come back but this time alone and for more time to better enjoy everything. I didn’t think I could have loved her more, instead I left her the second time completely entranced by everything I had seen and experienced. I didn’t think I could love so much a city but instead made me completely change my mind and with his life made me fall in love with it.

To continue, I will talk about a city, or better still of a country, very dear to me. Bogota in Colombia. That was the journey of my life, what I had been waiting to do for years and that I would never have thought I could actually do. Just having the reservations in my hand made me imagine I was leaving. When the time finally arrived and I landed, I felt a million emotions and feelings all together. Seeing the view outside the windows of the airport and realizing that I really did, that I had finally reached it excited me more than anything else. For me it was like a return to my origins, I was there, in my country, where it all started and I can’t find words to express all the multitude of things that were going through my mind at that time. It was an irrepressible whirlwind that was impossible to untangle. The following weeks were full of discoveries and wonder in discovering this city so far from home but that I felt so close.
We follow with another magnificent city, London. I visited it a few years ago but it has remained etched in my mind. His dynamism, the thousand and more things to see, to discover, to do. I would have gladly spent many more days there so I could get to know it more deeply, however, despite the short journey has fascinated me anyway. It seemed to me to glimpse his soul and his true being reason why I would like to be able to come back there to discover it all and see even the most hidden and less touristic sides of the city.
Let’s finish with St. Petersburg. I never thought to visit it, but when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it, and I decided to leave. Although it was spring there was snow and this thing immediately surprised me because I’m not used to it neither in winter. I think the snow blanket that covered the whole city gave it that extra charm that has made me appreciate more. At times it seemed to me to be in a fairy tale, there walking in the snow without problems or commitments but only pleasant things on the horizon. I don’t know if it would have made me the same effect if it hadn’t been snowed, for the moment I keep it among my favorite cities.
Here is the list of my favorite cities, do you have a city that is particularly close to your heart?

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    1. You should absolutely go and visit it, it’s a wonderful city and I’m sure you’ll love it. I took lot of beautiful photos. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Yay, my city London made the cut… you have listed some amazing cities here! I’d very much love to visit Bogota in Colombia because of the reviews I’ve seen. Lovely, heartwarming post! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Yes, they all are amazing cities. Bogota is incredible and I think everyone could appreciate its beauty. Thanks, I loved to write this post!

  2. I have always loved travelling. It gives me peace and motivation. I have never been in those cities you have listed here but London has been in my travel list since forever.

  3. I love New York City, It is by far one of my favorite cities. Great food, broadway, interesting people. Very worth it. I also love San Antonio, Texas. I visited recently and three different strangers asked me over for dinner. It is a very warm community filled with a lot of hospitality.

  4. The one city that is close to my heart is New Orleans. I live about an hour away from it and it is a place that I love because of the culture.

  5. Omg, you have listed some beautiful cities out there thou I haven’t been to any place you mentioned, as I live in a different part of a world which is India, (in Asia) but I would love to visit these places.

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