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Events that have changed me

In our life, there are events that change us and make us what we are today.

Even I have lived several in reference to the trips I have made. These were events that helped me to mature and become who I am now.
During my high school years, my mother sent me every summer to study in England for two weeks. I was not always in agreement with her and I didn’t understand the necessity. Then with the passing of the years, I understood. My mother sent me to improve my English. He had already understood that knowing one more language is always useful. I saw it only as a holiday in which I was required to follow the English lessons. Now I can say that in addition to improving the language those holidays abroad have taught me to stay away from home but still in a safe environment that would allow me to better live the gap. I still remember the first night I found myself alone in my dorm room that I cried because I missed home. But then I strengthened and continued the holiday without problems. It was the first contact with a culture different from mine, with different ways of doing things and it helped me a lot to build what I am today.

After several years from those study vacations abroad I experienced a new thing that formed me. Travelling alone. As I told you in the post about my trip to Madrid, I left completely alone and I was almost a week on my own without being able to count on anyone. This made me mature a lot because I found myself having to face the difficulties that presented themselves to me without anyone’s support. It was the first time I was away from home completely alone. This made me understand many things about myself. I learned to know myself better. And I was able to learn more about a new culture without the need for intermediaries.
What are the events that have changed you?

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