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About me

Hi everybody!
You are probably wondering who am I. It isn’t easy to give a clear answer because a person is composed of many parts. I can tell you that I’m a university student passionate about different things. Music, reading, acting, foreign languages and travel. These last two, in particular, are the strongest and those that led me to open this blog.
I opened this public space because I felt the need to share my passions and experiences with others. I have travelled far and wide, I study several languages ​and I’m here to talk with anyone interested in these topics. I hope with all of myself to help you and make my small contribution to the community.
Remember that life is yours and is happening right now under your eyes. Do not wait to make your travels, to experiment with new things, to study languages ​​if that’s what you want to do. Do it now because this is the perfect moment. You will see that you won’t regret it.