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A year of blog


Probably this date will not tell you anything but for me it’s important. On this date, I wrote my first post for this blog and I started this adventure. An adventure that also through Facebook groups and Instagram accounts has allowed me to meet amazing people who get the best out of their lives. People who open their mind and make it open even to those who read them or see their photos. People who make trips that seem like a dream but only those who travel like them know how much effort there is behind.
This year I can’t say I have been as constant as possible, I have been able to spend even months between one post and the other but this is not important for me. What is really important is that I have always returned to my little corner of peace where I try to share my knowledge. I know that to call it knowledge maybe it may seem a bit presumptuous since compared to many others I have travelled a lot less and consequently, I know a lot fewer things. But I also think of those who have travelled less than me or who have yet to start doing so and I hope I can help them by sharing what little I know about travel.

When I started this adventure I didn’t even know there was such a large social network of travellers, not to mention that of foreign language lovers. Instead, as I opened the blog and started doing research, I found a whole new world. A world made up of people who are positive and happy to share their experience with those who are beginners, of people who support one another and help each other. A world full of colour and desire to live. With this I do not want to say that everything is perfect but only that the realities that I have found are purely positive.
In this year, as will probably happen to anyone with a blog, there have been ups and downs. As mentioned before there have been periods of inactivity in which I wondered why I continued to keep it open given the many people who knew more than me about the subject. I felt lost like a small fish in the ocean, but then I thought about how I feel good when I publish something and share my passions with people who can understand me and change my mind. I felt that I too deserved a little space in these great communities that are that of travellers and foreign language enthusiasts.
So here I am, after a year, still full of desire to share what little I know and learn from those who certainly know more than me. I hope this is the first of many years spent in your company and can continue to help you.

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