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6 Travel tips

Tips to travel?

Today we will talk about this, I will share with you my advice to travel better and safely. To be precise, there are six things that I try to do almost always. So here is my list of tips, you know that I love lists:

  • Book the flight in advance or at the last minute
    The first advice I can give you if you want to save money on the flight is to book well in advance, then several months before, or at the last minute. This is because normally in these time frames the prices are lower and then you will have the possibility to save a little something that you can put aside or spend during the holiday, as you prefer.
  • Divide the money
    Never and I say never bring all the money with you. What I suggest is to divide the amount you have brought in cash and leave one safe in your room. The remaining money, however, in my opinion, should be divided into several places, so, for example, bring two wallets, your classic that will contain the smallest amount and another smaller and hidden in the bottom of the backpack that will contain the largest amount and the credit cards.
  • Make photocopies of the documents
    Always make photocopies of the various documents and reservations. For safety I always make two, one to keep safe in the room and another to always carry with me along with the various documents. In fact, we can never know what the holiday will reserve for us so it’s always better to be prepared for any eventuality.
  • Organize a generic itinerary
    Almost always, before leaving, I prepare a generic itinerary of things to do and try. I know that some may think that the spirit of adventure is lost, but that’s why I talked about a generic itinerary. I don’t organize every day of the holiday, I only do a list of the things that I absolutely have to do. This is because it can happen, taken from the euphoria of the moment or because it is not known, to leave aside the peculiar things of the place of which we realize only once returned home. So to remedy all this I buy a city guide and underline the things I want to do or do a search on the internet or I do both sometimes.
  • Buy a local map
    Another thing I suggest you do is to buy a local map as soon as you arrive. I generally circle above essential things like where my accommodation is and the various things I want to visit. In this way, I have a good overview of the city and I can better organize my days. Having, in fact, an eye on all the places marked I can see how to divide them and visit them based on how close they are to each other and to my accommodation.
  • Mark all the various addresses and numbers
    As I suggested in the post about the things to bring in the backpack, I remind you that it is very important to bring a small notebook in which to write down all the various addresses and important numbers. Among these are the main streets, the accommodation address, police and ambulance numbers. They may not serve, but as I always say you never know and in case you need them you will be happy to have them at your fingertips.

I hope they are useful for the next trips. And do you have any advice for those who love to travel?

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  1. Making photocopies of the documents is SUCH an important tip. We did this and it saved our trip when our passports were robbed – without our photocopies we would have had to fly home. Great article!

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