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Conclusions of the quarterly goals

I’m back. After a lot of time spent away from my blog, here I am again with unpublished contents.

Those of you who follow the blog will probably remember my post about my quarterly goals. There I talked about what I had set as goals for the period from March to May. Today I’m here to discover the conclusions with you.

  • Languages
    1. English
    I had set myself the task of improving my speech and keeping listening and understanding. So far everything went well, in fact I managed to improve in the conversation and this summer was a demonstration. From another point of view, however, I couldn’t keep the diary of which I had spoken so the writing did not improve.

    2. Spanish
    About the Spanish I could say that it was worse than English. This is because I didn’t find anyone with whom I could exercise and so I didn’t improve my speech nor did I manage to keep the diary. All this led me to be rejected at the C1 exam given in June and that I will give now more prepared in September.
    3. French
    For French I could say the same as for the Spanish, I haven’t improved much, also because more focused on the other two languages. In fact, despite my intentions I’m still at the beginning with the language and I still have to do a lot of practice.
    4. Other language
    As for the unknown language in the end it turned out to be the Danish, a language in my opinion very difficult so I couldn’t learn the various words and bases but it has intrigued me a lot. This is to say that I will probably add it to the list of languages I’m studying, as if it were not so much work.

  • Travels
    During the period from March to May I wasn’t able to leave, on the other hand I leaved in August so I don’t know whether to consider it achieved as a goal because I have actually left or not because I left after the mentioned period. In any case I was for the first time in Copenhagen in Denmark and say that it is a beautiful city is too little, I will talk about it better in a separate post.
  • Blog
    The blog, on the other hand, is another matter. I had set out to post more often and grow my suite. This could be said to have been half-done, in fact, from the beginning of March to mid-April I succeeded. Then I would say that I lost as Alice chasing the White Rabbit and lost a bit ‘also the blog. So let’s say that for this goal the vote is neutral.

By quickly summarizing the situation, we could say that my quarterly objectives didn’t go very well, in some cases they went really bad. Despite everything, however, I don’t demoralize and I think that I got something, however, I’ve had great experiences, I have experienced some difficult moments and yet I am still here with the desire to write more than before and better. I’m here eager to take you with me on my adventures, learn with you and help you if possible. I’m here to cheer you for every goal achieved, every new journey made, every new word learned and also for every failure that will lead you to improve even more. I’m here and I will hardly leave, you can count on it, I will always be ready to encourage you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. How did your goals go?

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